Links from Lyse: Mostly about Organization (also kids and teenage pregnancies)

Here’s a week’s worth of interesting articles, sorta themed, but not really.

  • Why Creatives Should Have Side Projects & Hobbies. If you’re wondering, this blog is one of several side projects for me. Yay that I did something right! How do you delineate side projects from hobbies? Do you have time for either?
  • 10 Unusual Ways to Make Your To-Do List Doable. I’m obsessed with to-do lists. I have lists for my home, this blog, books to read, games to play, my husband’s YouTube channel, and my family. And I just keep creating more.
  • Career Advice for Millennials. Not that different from career advice for anyone else, but still good advice.
  • Skip your kids’ games! This article makes me so happy. I’m very anti-helicopter parenting. So yeah. Skip your kid’s baseball practice and nap instead. He won’t have psychological problems, promise. (In all fairness, I think this idea should be taken with a grain of salt. But the concept is spot-on.)
  • Free contraceptives — good?¬†Free contraceptives have cut Colorado’s teenage pregnancies and abortions almost in half. Although I’m saddened that free contraceptives are even necessary, I can’t be sad about a measure that reduces abortions.

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