Squirrels Playing

More posts coming when I finish school in another week (SO SOON!), but here’s a snippet.

One of my favorite things about work is that our building is right behind a park. And our parking lot faces a little creek and I see lots of cool animals (herons, squirrels that fall on my heads, chipmunks, etc.) when I park. So I normally sit for just a minute whenever I get in or out of the car and look for animals.

Today, I saw 6 squirrels running around the creekbank! This is weird for two reasons. 1, I’ve never seen that many squirrels playing together. 2, they don’t play on the creekbank! I normally see them running around in the trees or foraging in the grass. But this is a pretty steep bank and they were just running back and forth, chasing each other, and climbing around in the bushes.

ALSO! I saw two of them bending down and drinking from the creek, which I had literally never seen before. How did I go through my whole life never seeing squirrels drink??

Anyway. I realize that talking about seeing squirrels (without pictures even!) is an incredibly mundane thing, but it was an extremely happy moment. Did you have any happy moments today? Let me know in the comments!