Book Review: Micro

micro book reviewTitle: Micro
Author(s): Michael Crichton & Richard Preston
Genre: Thriller/Sci-fi/Adventure

Micro is one of Michael Crichton’s last works, finished by Richard Preston and published posthumously. Crichton is the author of Jurassic Park and other interesting novels. In full disclosure, I only made it about halfway through the novel before I chose not to finish it. However, I think I can still deliver a decent review.

Plot Summary

7 graduate students visit Nanigen, a science research company based in Hawaii, only to uncover dark secrets about the company. To protect his secrets, Vin Drake, head of the company, shrinks the students, planning to kill them. But they are rescued by another staff member and escape into the forest, where they have to battle insects and assassins.


Crichton’s pacing is something I love – he weaves together multiple storylines, giving the reader information exactly when it’s appropriate. Continue reading