Welcome to Llyr!

My name is Kara. I’m a southern girl…lived my whole life in the deep south. I love the south…warm weather, running barefoot in the grass, friendly people, hospitality, all of that. However, I cannot be called a redneck. Whatever picture that brings to mind, I am not it.
So what is this blog about? For one thing, simply for me to write. I like to set my feelings out in words. More specifically, because I enjoy this universe, all of the small and wonderful aspects of it, and I want to share that with other people. Posts will break down into three primary categories.

1. General life rambling. Be it boring or not….sometimes I just want to talk about my life!

2. Fashion pictures. I am by no means a good photographer, but I appreciate good fashion in strangers.

3. Book reviews. I read obsessively and I love talking about anything book-related.

That’s it!

I am starting college in a week…moving 6 hours away from the city I was born in, to a university where I only know a handful of people. It is a grand adventure! But admittedly, I’m a little scared. On the bright side, I am counting on it providing plenty of writing material!

For even a tottering granddam keeps a portion of girlish heart, and the youngest maiden a thread of old woman’s wisdom. – The High King, Lloyd Alexander

I am frequently silly and childish…I love playing and I like to find joy in life. Hopefully that will in turn bring others joy. However, I can also be serious. I desire that you will see in me a thread of wisdom…

So that is me in a nutshell…the world gets “curiouser and curiouser” and I’m excited to share it with everyone.