Lyse Links: Mental Health Edition

Today I want to share some of the most powerful readings I’ve come across about mental health. The more I’ve read and talked to people, the more I’ve realized the frequency and severity of the mental health difficulties plaguing many of the people I know and love. Those same problems are probably affecting the people you know and love. Talking about and better understanding mental health heals us all.


“Thinking of suicide is a sign of a medical emergency.” Continue reading

Book Review: All Fall Down

all fall downTitle: All Fall Down
Series: Embassy Row #1
Author: Ally Carter

Oh look, Ally Carter wrote another book about a girl in a high-stakes world! Maybe this will be good!

I’m too cynical. But Carter’s well on her way to being pigeon-holed. And since I get bored with similar plot lines, I might stop reading her stuff soon…

Thankfully, All Fall Down has more redeeming qualities than Perfect Scoundrels did.

Plot Summary

Grace is just a normal 16 year old girl living at the American embassy in (fictional) Adria. She’s surrounded by hot embassy guys, attending royal parties, and, oh, hunting her mother’s murderer. And she’s not crazy. Continue reading