Poems to Share: Mary Oliver

14163793451_e7dd46748fHave you read Mary Oliver? Her poems are beautiful and real and full of nature. She is not stuffy or stickler about rhythm or sending you rushing for a dictionary. Her poems are like rain in spring and wind in fall – invigorating and life-giving. You can read several here.

In the meantime, I have one to share. This poem aptly described my day (many of my days!) and I thought it might resonate with some of you. Much as I love my writing and books and good job, some days I long to be back in the mountains, running and hiking and living practically outdoors. What about you?

Work, Sometimes

I was sad all day, and why not.  There I was, books piled
on both sides of the table, paper stacked up, words
falling off my tongue. Continue reading

Night-time musings on silence and solitude

Nighttime walks back from work are becoming my favorite time of day. At night, campus is quiet. The sidewalks are empty. The flags are snapping in the wind. The sky is clear, moon bright. I know there are people nearby – I can hear the girls laughing and the low murmurs of couples. They aren’t near me though. It feels like campus belongs to me. It is freeing. I don’t have to smile at acquaintances or say hi to friends. No weaving through crowds. No self-consciousness. No awareness – I can get lost in my own head. School has never felt so much like home as it does at night, in silence, surrounded by the never sky.


The dark is warm, enveloping, comforting. Cricket and coyote sounds surround me. The moon is small, blurry with clouds…and my imperfect vision. There are no people to bother me and I am at peace….at home. I love my college. We have a beautiful campus. But it’s not home. There are always people….never a chance to lose myself in the sky. Never the waves of cricket and coyote noises rolling over me. I am glad to be home. At home I can lay on the grass in our yard and watch the stars move across the sky. I can drink in the warmwet air. I can relax.

Magically Ordinary

Confession: I engaged in a highly dangerous activity for a college girl.  I…..browsed Pinterest. If you are unfamiliar with this hazardous practice, I encourage you not to research it. But definitely finish reading this post, because Pinterest actually isn’t the theme. I am clearly desperate to escape my homework, because I worked my way through the humor, geek, and women’s fashion categories before perusing the Quotes. Now, not that I have anything against quotes, but they tend to be…sappy. Also sketchy. How to make a quote pin: Find a random picture, write words on it, slap a name on the end. Voila! But I can’t really diss it, because the quotes did give me a blog idea, yay!

What are the magical moments in your life? Not the “man of your dreams got on one knee and asked for your hand in marriage” magic. The simple magic moments. There are obvious ones: sunrises, sunsets, animal antics, moving sights of nature, etc. But it could be anything. A bright color, a smiling child. I am going to list a few of my favorite magic moments of the past, and then this week I am going to keep a log of my favorite moments, which I will then share next week. I encourage you to do the same…acknowledging magic makes it ever so much more powerful in your life. 🙂


*Lying in the backyard with my dog, watching the stars * sitting out in the sun reading * watching snow fall for the first time in my life * having a little boy run up and tackle hug me * the little girl at work who told me I looked like Rapunzel * sitting on a bridge over a creek, soaking up the sun and reading * wandering the library, memorizing the placement of each book * nights at the fair full of laughter and adrenaline * holding my puppy for the very first time * dancing around the living room with my little sister * staring out my window mesmerized by the green, blue, and gold that came through our pine tree * the smell of freshly cut grass and sweat on a soccer field * the running of any water…river, lake, ocean*

What are your favorite magical moments?