The Honest New Year Post

I have come to enjoy changing years and the opportunity it gives me for reflection, rebeginnings, and dreaming for the future. Because of that, I’ve been excited about writing this post for several weeks.

But as I actually sit down to write, it’s hard to find words. My mental health isn’t bad this weekend, per se, but it’s acting up, and things are muted. Enjoyment is hard to find, and words–at least the good ones–even more scarce. (Just writing this post is a way of fighting back, of trying to live through the discomfort of this low rather than numbing it.)

If I can’t find my own words, I’ll use words from someone else; Continue reading

2015 Numbers & 2016 Book Goals!

2015 was an eventful year! Good year, I think, although I’m still processing. Thoughts to come in another post.

I didn’t set any book goals for 2015, so I don’t really have any comparisons, but I thought it might be fun to break down my book list a bit. Here’s what I read this year:

  • 91 total (I think….I didn’t keep good track this fall)
  • 17 non-fiction
  • 74 fiction
  • 21 fantasy books (highest single genre)
  • approx. 27,300 pages — approximate because I didn’t keep good track of page counts, but my average seemed to be about 300.

I did realize that I seem to read in spurts–this summer was a lot of non-fiction, memoir, that kind of thing and the last few weeks have been almost all YA & fantasy.

Goals for 2016

I’ve never made book goals before. For one, I’m contrary, so telling myself what to read when is counterproductive. But I decided that hitting a few broad goals would be a good challenge. Here’s what I’m thinking: Continue reading