Lyse Links: The Political Edition

At this point, I think most Americans are thoroughly sick of this election. I know I am. I’m avoiding most political news or discussions.

So I wasn’t sure this was a good choice of blog topic. But throughout the election, I’ve read some pieces that were exceptionally well-balanced or took a unique approach. And those articles were bright spots in a very dark election. So here are the most interesting election articles I’ve read.

The Heart of Trump Country — Trump supports have been almost universaly caricatured. This article offers a real look at some of the people supporting Trump. Whether you agree with their positions or not, it’s easier to see the humanity in this widely-villified group.

Hillary Clinton vs. Young Voters — a take on why Hillary doesn’t understand young voters, especially the Bernie supporters.

Sociology of Emotion — a sociologist who’s been studying in Louisiana describes the Trump supporters in her area.

How Russia Pulled Off the Biggest Election Hack in U.S. History — If you’re interested in espionage or international relations, this is a great look at the back-and-forth cyber-warfare between the US and Russia.

Hope Hicks: The Mystifying Triumph of Donald Trump’s Right-Hand Woman — Trump’s Press Secretary is a 27 year-old woman. Her position is especially interesting in light of Trump’s troubling opinions on women.

Understanding Hillary — Best for last–this is actually my favorite of the list. Several journalists have noted a gap between the Clinton that the world sees and the one that people close to her describe. This article does the best job of explaining it and identifying how she excels and struggles as a leader.