Links from Lyse: Mostly about Organization (also kids and teenage pregnancies)

Here’s a week’s worth of interesting articles, sorta themed, but not really.

  • Why Creatives Should Have Side Projects & Hobbies. If you’re wondering, this blog is one of several side projects for me. Yay that I did something right! How do you delineate side projects from hobbies? Do you have time for either?
  • 10 Unusual Ways to Make Your To-Do List Doable. I’m obsessed with to-do lists. I have lists for my home, this blog, books to read, games to play, my husband’s YouTube channel, and my family. And I just keep creating more.
  • Career Advice for Millennials. Not that different from career advice for anyone else, but still good advice.
  • Skip your kids’ games! This article makes me so happy. I’m very anti-helicopter parenting. So yeah. Skip your kid’s baseball practice and nap instead. He won’t have psychological problems, promise. (In all fairness, I think this idea should be taken with a grain of salt. But the concept is spot-on.)
  • Free contraceptives — good?¬†Free contraceptives have cut Colorado’s teenage pregnancies and abortions almost in half. Although I’m saddened that free contraceptives are even necessary, I can’t be sad about a measure that reduces abortions.

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Death’s Friendliest Cousin: How Sleep is Changing My Life

(If I’m melodramatic today, I blame Chateaubriand. #EnglishMajorProbs)

Me (minus some hair)

Me (minus some hair)

As if life wasn’t cruel enough, my internship supervisor made me write a blog post about why sleep is important. Me. A college student. An over-achieving college student. Yeah, not cool.

Anyway, I did all this research (translation: I googled it and read blog posts) and found out that sleep deprivation is horrible. Like, kill you horrible. Great. So I’m super productive, but probably dying sooner. Oh, and probably not that productive–it’s proven to ruin grades and athletic performance. Continue reading