Lyse Links: Secrets, Sharapova, and Slam Poetry

How’s your weekend going? Maybe it will be better with the perfect mix of funny, informative, and intriguing long reads. Here’s the best of what I’ve read recently.

The Age of Attention-Deficits — This is a great look at how technology is designed to create addictions. Mixing humor and science, the author lays out the distracted patterns of our tech obsession. Follow up with her article about living better and actually TRY some her recommendations. It’s surprisingly difficult to moderate or break a notification addiction.

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Book Review: Quiet

quiet coverTitle: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
Author: Susan Cain
Genre: Non-fiction, Psychology

Quiet blends personal stories with tons of research to create a thorough analysis of introversion. How-to meets inspiration in a book that ought to be a must-read for the entire world. Introverts for a fuller understanding and appreciation of their skills. Extroverts for a fuller understanding and appreciation of the introverts in their lives. Continue reading